Free Delivery Service

We provide free deliveries to our most vulnerable patients during the afternoon. For further details to see if you qualify, please feel free to call in store.

Free Blood Pressure Checks

Our highly trained staff can provide onsite blood pressure checks with no need to book in.

Substance Misuse Service

We provide a discreet and confidential needle and syringe exchange service. We work very close with the drug teams to assist with patient rehabilitation programs.

Free Emergency Hormonal Contraception Service

The morning after pill can be provided in a private consultation. Exclusion apply.

Help with taking your medication

Finding it difficult to remember to take your medication? We have a tray system to assist you in your daily medication intake.

Care Home Services

Please call the dedicated team for more information.

Free Consultation Service

Our highly trained pharmacists can advise and assist in referrals from the NHS 111. Otherwise, known as the community pharmacist consultation service.

Flu Vaccination Service

We provide both Private and NHS flu vaccinations. No appointment required. Call in store during the flu season before the vaccination runs out.